Sunday, December 30, 2012

Halo Hues: Harp On It

This is my first Color Club polish, and my first holographic polish! How exciting is that?! :) This polish is absolutely amazing. It's a light muted silver when it's not in direct light, but in sunlight, ohmygosh. I can't believe I didn't buy this sooner:)

This is 2 coats with no undies and no topcoat in direct sunlight:

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Skyfall Nails

Hello! :)
Here's my NOTD today! I named these "Skyfall nails" just because all the colors I used are from OPI's Skyfall Collection:) 

Colors used:
"Live And Let Die" (Background) // This color is somewhere between blue, green, and grey, with little flecks of gold micro glitter in it. It looks 10x more amazing in person, of course. Just like all other polishes. :) It was opaque in one coat.
"The World Is Not Enough" (Stripes/Dots) // This is a shimmery copperish color, that has every other color within it. I'll have to post a macro shot of this later because I can't even explain it. haha :)
"The Living Daylights" (Glitter) // The bottle is completely packed with silver, copper, and teal hex glitter. You don't need more than one coat to completely cover your nail. I love this stuff:) It's perfect for glitter placement or jelly sandwiches (which I haven't even tried yet) haha

This photo shows the true color much better:

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NOTD: Ikat Nails!

Ikat nails (with a random ikat-ish tape mani without any tape) :)

Colors used:
OPI "Don't Pretzel My Buttons" (Background) // This seriously the perfect nude. It was strange though, when I would see my hand out of the corner of my eye it looked like I didn't have nails! I guess it just blended with my skin tone that well. Application was super easy, two thin coats covered everything completely with no streaks or bumps. 
China Glaze "Igniting Love" (Red) // I didn't do a full nail swatch of this, and this is the first time I'm using it. But as far as I can tell, this is amazing. It has a good consistency and was very easy to work with. The photo doesn't do it justice of course, it is the most vibrant red ever. I'm loving the whole Cirque Du Soleil collection so far. :)
Orly "Liquid Vinyl" (Black)
China Glaze "White On White" (White, obviously;))

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

My first nail post!

Here is my nails of the day from yesterday, using China Glaze "Creative Fantasy" from the Cirque Du Soleil Collection! I think this is a good mani to use as a "Very First Blog Post Ever" don't you think? :) This polish is a complete dream! It's a dark jelly that's opaque in two coats, but I used three for no real reason at all. It has a semi-matte finish that reminds me of satin, and its just as beautiful without topcoat. It has so much depth in real life that you can't even begin to see in a photo. It's truly amazing. :)
For an accent, I used Essie "Set In Stones" as a glitter gradient, and Essie "No Place Like Chrome" for the zebra print.

Maybe now that I have a blog I'll start doing tutorials? 

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Just trying to figure out what I'm doing..

Okay! So I'm going to try out this whole blog thing:) I've been on Instagram for a few months now, and that has been going great, so I thought I'd expand a little bit and see what happens:) I'm completely new to this and I have no idea what I'm doing, so please bear with me. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon.
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