Since I get asked a lot of questions every day on Instagram, I thought I'd try to answer them all in one place!

Are your nails real? Do you do them yourself?
• Yes, I paint my own natural nails.

How do you get your nails so long and healthy?
• I use Essie Grow Stronger and take biotin. And as for my cuticles, I moisturize constantly and push them back occasionally. 

Can I have a shout out?
• No, I don't give shout outs unless I personally feel like someone deserves one,  and I definitely won't if you ask. 

How do you get the curved watermark?
• Photoshop! But if I edit on my iPhone, I use a combination of line camera, snapseed, and picsart. 

Do you do tutorials/have a YouTube?
• I don't make tutorials. Maybe I will someday but not right now. :) 

What breed is your puppy?
• She's an American Eskimo. :) 

How many polishes do you have?
• I have about 500 something  polishes, including minis and old ones from when I was younger. 

How long have you been painting nails?
• I've been doing my own nails for as long as I can remember but I just started getting into nail art and taking good care of my nails in September 2012, after seeing lots of pretty nails on Instagram and wanting to join in. :)

How do you keep the polish so neat around the cuticle?
• I clean up with a concealer brush dipped in pure acetone.

What base and topcoats do you use?
• I use Essie Grow Stronger as base  and Poshé topcoat. 

How'd you get so many followers?
• A lot of time and effort, and getting featured by large fashion accounts helped out too. 

How often do you paint your nails? 
• On average every other day. But somedays I'll paint them three times or sometimes I'll leave a mani on for a week. 

Do you use acrylic paint for detailed designs?
• Nope, all polish. 

Are you a nail tech?
• No, but I'm going to nail school to be one. :) 

How do you take your photos?
• I use a little Sony Cybershot and take photos directly under a daylight bulb, or outside. If I'm feeling lazy I'll use my iPhone. 

If you have any other questions that I didn't answer, email me at sparrownails@live.com or darcy.sparrow@live.com

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